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Port Security and ISPS Compliance

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Port security and ISPS compliance

Security, safety and compliance are not a product, but a process. Are you preparing for an audit, or did you just have one? Our team of certified consultants guides you through the international codes, directives, and regulations.

Customer Case
If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance
We recently received a negative ISPS report from the Port Authority, with several remarks on our Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP). There is only a very limited time to remedy these remarks to prevent losing our license to handle vessels at our terminal. We hired Rombit Solutions to assist us with the entire review and the necessary corrections. With great success: our new phased plan was fully approved within the required timeframe.
PFSO of a container terminal at the port of Antwerp
We help you to meet international safety and security standards
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Rombit’s subsidiary Urbi CV is a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO).

It has received official accreditation from the National Authority Maritime Security (of the Belgian Federal Ministry of Mobility and Transport) to act as a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) under the International Ships and Ports Facilities Security (ISPS) code.

Urbi CV is also officially certified by IBZ/Vigilis. KBO/BCE: 0672858712.