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At Rombit Solutions we love to invest in the talents of tomorrow. We are more than happy to welcome you and help you to put into practice what you’ve learned at school.

At Rombit Solutions we have 3 entities: Technics, Solutions and Consulting

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If you are looking for a company where you can learn, grow and have fun all at the same time then you are at the right place! At Rombit Solutions we strongly believe in a good work atmosphere.

Besides this, we also have experts in their field so great mentorship is guaranteed!

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    About Rombit Solutions

    Rombit Solutions is the system integrator business unit of the Rombit Group, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for safety, security, and automation projects. With a commitment to excellence, Rombit Solutions offers end-to-end services, managing the entire lifecycle of projects according to its well-established methodology.

    Our expertise lies in various areas, including access control, perimeter security, incident control, gate and yard management, as well as automated logistics. By focusing on these key domains, we ensure that organizations have up-to-date safety measures in place, guaranteeing operational efficiency and optimizing overall security. At Rombit Solutions, we take pride in our ability to create work environments that are both safer and smarter, supporting our customers throughout every stage of the project lifecycle.

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