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Video Surveillance

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Video Surveillance

Our CCTV product range includes detection cameras for automated Suspicious Human Activity Recognition, as well as a management dashboard with features such as enhanced playback and analysis capabilities.



By adding video surveillance to your security system it is possible for you to watch what is happening real-time at a specific location and respond immediately. For these users, individual layouts can be created, completely personalized with panels that contain video playback, controls for third party systems, HTML browsers, floor plans and many other panels.

By integrating IP-cameras, codecs and video analysis techniques with the latest streaming methods, we offer you an excellent image quality. The system is based on an open architecture, which makes it easy to integrate and install (API and ONVIF support). Our powerful macro engine enables you to define how the system should react to certain events. Our video surveillance solution is scalable from a few to a few thousand cameras and other connected devices.

Our video surveillance solution is available as a software license or as a fully CCTV solution with hardware. This solution is developed in house with extensive experience and creativity and it meets the needs of the various market segments or we develop tailor made for you. No matter how large or complex your challenge is, we have a suitable solution for you.


TKH Security specializes in the development of smart electronic security, safety, and parking systems. They offer innovative total solutions in the field of security management, video surveillance, parking management, parking guidance and asset and site management.


INCERT is the quality label for installers and distributors of video surveillance equipment. Both are inseparable if you want to ensure the reliability of your installation. Thanks to the INCERT quality label, you can choose your installer and your material in complete confidence.