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Perimeter Security

Security Solutions
Perimeter Security

Protect your industrial site and any of its assets by blocking unauthorised physical intrusions.



Electrical barrier

A barrier is the perfect way to close a private or public site, a multi-story car park, a road tunnel and parking spaces. The possibilities and configurations are comprehensive and each project contains a tailor-made solution for the client.


Speedgates are ideal for passages with a lot of traffic and with high safety requirements. These folding doors open and close as quick as a barrier, so that no one has to wait. Even if you combine them with an access control system, the passage runs smoothly. Thanks to the consistent construction, our folding gates are just as safe as a gate and therefore a reliable demarcation of every area.


A turnstile is the best system for controlling individual access to enclosed grounds or buildings. Turnstiles prevent more than one person at a time from entering. Turnstiles are available in a variety of models and come complete with a high-quality finish.

Control Columns

Our control columns are available in various sizes and can be made in various configurations, supplemented with different applications, such as card readers, coin slots and intercom, etc...


BAM Bormet, has its own development and produces materials (gates, fences, barriers, turnstiles,…) under the brand name BAM (Belgian Access Management)