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Smart Access control

Security Solutions

Smart Access Control

Smart electronic access control is the basis for any secure work environment. Rombit solutions offers an array of products, tailored to any site size or need, and fully compliant with ever changing regulations. We specialise in 3rd party integration like alfapass.


Flexible and Customizable

Tailored solutions for enterprises of any size and high security requirements.

Innovative Technologies

Biometrics, multi factor authentication, Identity verification. State of the art technology.

Intelligent and Connected

Remote monitoring improves efficiency, security, and operations. Seamless integration to interconnect a portfolio of security, fire, visitor pre-announcement, and building systems.

Alfapass integrated

Our Access control is fully integrated with Alfapass. The solution for ID-Control in Ports.


Alfapass is our solutions partner for digital identification and authentication.

TKH Security specializes in the development of smart electronic security, safety and parking systems. They can offer innovative total solutions in the field of security management, video surveillance, parking management, parking guidance and asset & site management